Map of New York,” Thomas
KItchin, 1778, reprinted in 1869 for
“Shannon’s Manual of The
Corporation of The City of New
York.” .Posted to Wikicommons by
"Green Map®" of New York's
Lower East Side: Base map
from Google.
The New York Map Society, whose founding meeting was in
January 1978,
is a non-profit corporation under Section 501(c)(3)
of the Internal Revenue Code, offering educational, academic
and research programs for anyone interested in maps -- from
antique maps to GIS-based data maps.

Contributions to the Society are deductible consistent with
Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Our members currently include scholars, librarians, collectors,
preservationists, artists, map-makers, and those who simply love
maps, both real and fictional. The Society serves as a  
community-based organization, offering the public information
about -- and the ability to participate in -- map-related events.

Our meetings which, pre-pandemic, typically featured either a
field trip, or a guest speaker on a Saturday afternoon at the
headquarters of Avenues: The World School, at 11 East 26th
Street, New York City, are now Zoom-only, and do not require

The Society welcomes and appreciates suggestions and
volunteer efforts from anyone interested in maps.
See our page...

Upcoming Meetings for information on attending future events

Past Meetings for details on recent meetings, and summary
information on meetings going back to 1998

Member Map News for map news and events about -- or curated
by -- New York Map Society members

Map Shows & Lectures from Maine to Washington, DC

Member Links for links to New York Map Society members'
websites, published articles, and reviews

My Favorite Map where members, each year, get to post an
image of their favorite map -- and why

Our Leadership for the names and contact information of our
officers, so that you can ask questions and make suggestions

Join Us! for new and renewal membership information

Support Us! for how you can help further our efforts with a
tax-deductible contribution -- and receive a gift!

Map Dealer Members for links to map dealers and auction
houses who support the New York Map Society

Map Resources for links to cartographic calendars, and to   
notable map collections and libraries

Other Map Societies for hotlinks to other major map societies
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The New York Map Society's second annual Alice Hudson Map Award
prizes -- $500 each for best printed and interactive map -- were
awarded to students of Hunter College's Geography Dept. on Friday,
June 5, 2020, via a Zoom meeting.