Judith Tyner
Speaker Judith Tyner Professor Emerita of Geography
Women in American Cartography

“Women in American Cartography: An Invisible Social History”

“The nation’s foremost expert on women’s contributions to maps, mapmaking, and map use, Tyner draws on her own research and that of others to produce a comprehensive, well-organized, richly illustrated, and engaging history.”

– Mark Monomier, Syracuse University

Judith is Professor Emerita of Geography at California State University, Long Beach. She taught in the Geography Department for over 35 years, where she served as Department Chair and as Director of the Cartography/GIS Certificate Program from its inception until her retirement. While at California State, Dr. Tyner taught beginning and advanced cartography, map reading and Interpretation, history of cartography, and remote sensing.

Saturday, March 20, 2021