PJ Mode
Speaker PJ Mode / Laura Ten Eyck New York Map Society members
Laura Ten Eyck

“Just in case I don’t live forever, what should happen to my collection?”

Legacy planning in practical terms: find out how to prepare for the future of your map collection.

PJ, New York Map Society member, and a student and collector of old maps since 1980, now focuses on researching and collecting “persuasive cartography.”

His collection is going to Cornell University, and PJ’s website at https://persuasivemaps.library.cornell.edu/ describes the subject and the collection, with links to high-resolution images and detailed notes on over 800 maps.

Laura Ten Eyck, New York Map Society VP, is director of the gallery at www.argosybooks.com/browse-maps.php, and is also a Map and Print appraiser on the “Antiques Roadshow.” At Argosy, she oversees sales and acquisitions.

January 25, 2020