Chet Van Duzer
Speaker Chet Van Duzer Historian of Cartography

Chet Van Duzer on “Frames that Speak: An Introduction to Cartographic Cartouches”

“The decorative frames on maps called cartouches were an important cartographic design element from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century, and continue to be used on twenty-first-century maps. Although cartouches are one of the most visually engaging elements on maps, and despite the fact that it is often through the decoration of the cartouche that the cartographer speaks most directly to the viewer, revealing his or her interests or prejudices, there is no detailed study of them, no discussion of their earliest

history or development, and no attempt to interpret the symbolism of a large number of them together. In this talk Chet discusses the early history and development of cartouches, examines some of their sources, and explains the symbolism of several remarkable cartouches in detail.”

September 21, 2019