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Opened June 30, 2016 -- no closing date: "Unlocking Two Revolutionary War
Era Maps: The Ratzer Maps at
Brooklyn Historical Society." August 27th
marked the 240th anniversary of the Battle of Brooklyn, the first major battle of
the American Revolutionary War. In honor of this occasion, Brooklyn Historical
Society is displaying two rare Revolutionary War era maps that chronicle the
landscape of 18th-century Brooklyn in remarkable detail.
New York Map Society member Jack Eichenbaum recommends you see the
"NY at its Core: 400 years of NYC History."  Jack says: "[I] found   
it AWESOME (a word I use with discretion!). This exhibit will require multiple
visits, perhaps best in the solitude of nasty winter weekdays. It incorporates
history, geography, ecology, and culture, and the narrative uses words,  
pictures, maps and objects.”
New York Antiquarian Book [and Map!] Fair, March 9 - 12, 2017
Hope to see you at the show!
March 2 - 4 "To the Ends of the Earth" at Univ. of Pennsylvania, Class of
1978 Orrery Pavilion, Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and
Manuscripts, Van Pelt Dietrich Library Center, sixth floor, 3420 Walnut Street,
Philadelphia, PA
A free and open-to-the-public three-day event:
"To the Ends of the Earth will explore the transmission and translation of
material and cultural practices, cartography, exploration, migration (forced and
voluntary) and the changing geographies of liminal spaces. A group of
international scholars from several disciplines will examine topics including
textual production from early modern Italy to twentieth-century Africa, as well  
as the racialization of space from Victorian England to nineteenth-century
California. Keynote address by Michael A. Gomez, New York University, a
leading scholar of Africa and the African Diaspora."
This exhibition takes
place in conjunction with the exhibition "Expanding Earth: Travel,
Encounter, and Exchange," on display February 9
- May 19, 2017.