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Our typical Meeting Place is free and open to the public for our events, but entry to
the building requires photo ID, and RSVPs to are

Avenues: The World School
, Headquarters, 11 East 26th Street (between Madison and
Fifth Avenues)
, New York, NY 10011. Photo ID required for entry. The boardroom seats
40+, and has a 75-inch 1080p wall-mounted electronic screen. It is available for society
events Monday and Wednesday to Friday evenings, and Saturday afternoons. RSVPs to are requested, but not required.

(We hope -- in a few years, once renovations to the Mid-Manhattan Library are completed --
to again have our meetings at The New York Public Library, Stephen A. Schwarzman  
[Main] Building, 42nd Street and  Fifth Avenue, New York City.)

Field trips to map sites, special events, and lectures may held on weekends. Some events
are reserved for current-paid members only, and some field trips are at venues that may
require an admission fee.

See our "Map Shows and Lectures" page for map-related events.
Our 2019-20 program year began September 1, 2019. We hope you'll
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continue bringing members quality lectures and field trips.  
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While the balance of our 2019-20 Program Year is canceled, we have
begun uploading past presentations on YouTube. Now available:
Saturday, 2 pm, April 18, 2020 - Cancelled
Lars Grava on: "At the Edge of Empires - Maps of the Baltic States"
Avenues: The World School, Headquarters, 11 East 26th Street
(between Madison and Fifth Avenues), 17th Floor, New York, NY 10011.
Please RSVP to

Lars, in a reprise of his Fall 2019 presentation to the Washington Map
Society, will discuss how maps have more than two dimensions, as they
also illuminate political, societal, cultural, and economic features of the
geographies they depict. The Baltic States, located at the crossroads of
geographic interests, were often caught between two different powers,
religions, or other competing parties, and hence the importance of the
region.  His collection, which now comprises over 400 maps, was begun  
by his father, Professor Sigurds Grava. Although his father passed away
10 years ago, Lars' study of Baltic maps helps him continue his special
relationship and bond with his father.
Saturday, 2 pm, March 14, 2020 - Cancelled
Eric Sanderson, author of "The Mannahatta Project" and "Terra
Nova," presents an update on his
Welikia Project
Venue: Avenues: The World School, Headquarters, 11 East 26th Street
(between Madison and Fifth Avenues), 17th Floor, New York, NY 10011.
Please RSVP to

"We’re going beyond Mannahatta, launching the Welikia Project to
encompass all of New York City circa 1609: Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens,
Staten Island, and surrounding waters. Welikia means “my good home” in
Lenape, the original Native American language of the region.

Eric W. Sanderson is a landscape ecologist for the Wildlife Conservation Society
at the Bronx Zoo, director of the Welikia Project and the author of the best-selling
"Mannahatta: A Natural History of New York City," and "Terra   Nova: The New
World After Oil, Cars, and Suburbs."
Eric Sanderson
Lars Grava
Saturday, 2 pm, May 9, 2020: Canceled
Field Trip to see "The Relief Map of the New York City Water
Supply System" and the "Panorama of the City of New York"
Queens Museum, New York City Building, Flushing Meadows  
Corona Park, Queens NY 11368. Phone: (718) 592-9700. (15-min.
walk from Mets/Willets Point stop on the #7 subway. Parking available)
Please RSVP to

For the 1939 World’s Fair, city agencies were invited to produce
exhibits for the New York City Pavilion, now the Queens Museum.
Each exhibit shared “what the various branches of municipal
government are doing to serve the citizens of today.” To educate
New Yorkers about the water supply system, the Department of
Water Supply, Gas, and Electricity, created the relief map now
displayed at the Queens Museum. A team of cartographers began
work in 1938 with a depression-era budget of $100,000, roughly $1.5
million in today’s dollars. But at 540 square feet, the model was too
big for the allotted space. Ten years later, it made its only public
appearance in the City’s Golden Anniversary Exposition at
Manhattan’s Grand Central Palace. In 2008, after decades in
storage, the 27-piece relief map was in desperate need of
conservation. The model was sent to McKay Lodge Fine Arts
Conservation Lab in Oberlin, Ohio and restored to its original
brilliance. In collaboration with the New York City Department of
Environmental Protection, it will now remain on long-term loan in its
originally intended home in the New York City Building.
"Relief Map of the NYC Water
Supply System"
Courtesy, Queens Museum
Saturday, 2 pm, June 13, 2020 - Cancelled
Dr. Larry Tise will speak about his recent co-authored book:
"Theodore de Bry -- America: The Complete Plates from 1590-1602"
Avenues: The World School, Headquarters, 11 East 26th Street
(between Madison and Fifth Avenues), 17th Floor, New York, NY 10011.
Please RSVP to

Dr. Tise will discuss his research in writing the book and will show many
of the beautiful maps and native Americans depicted. His book will be
available for signing and sale.
Dr. Larry Tise
Jean Brubaker
"Panorama of the City of
New York"
Courtesy, Queens Museum
  • Scott Max Edelson's February 6, 2019 "The New Map of Empire:
    How Britain Imagined America Before Independence."