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Upcoming Meetings
Our Meeting Places -- both are free and open to the public for our events, but they may
require an RSVP to attend:

Avenues: The World School
, Headquarters, 17th Floor Boardroom, 11 East 26th Street
(between Madison and Fifth Avenues), New York, NY 10011. Photo ID required for entry. The
boardroom seats 40+, and has a 75-inch 1080p wall-mounted electronic screen. It is available
for society events Monday and Wednesday to Friday evenings, and Saturday afternoons.
RSVPs to are requested, but not required.

New York Public Library, Stephen A. Schwarzman [Main] Building, 42nd Street and  Fifth
Avenue, New York, NY 10018. The library typically requires online registration for events, and
follows a first-come, first-seated policy. Co-sponsored events are held here weekday evenings.

Field trips to map sites, special events, and lectures may held on weekends. Some events are
reserved for current-paid members only, and some field trips are at venues that may require
an admission fee.

See our "Map Shows and Lectures" page for map-related events.
Thursday, May 2, 2019, 6:30 pm: Matthew Edney
will speak on "The History of Cartography
Venue: Margaret Liebman Berger Forum (2nd Floor),
The New York Public Library, Stephen A.
Schwarzman Building, 42nd Street & Fifth Avenue,
New York, NY 10018

This event is presented in cooperation with the
New York Map Society.

An expert on the history of maps and mapping
explores the changing role cartography has
played over centuries.

From prehistoric Europe to the 20th century,
societies have  employed the principles of mapping
in various forms. Dr. Matthew Edney, Professor of
Geography and the Osher Professor in the History
of Cartography at Southern Maine University,
discusses his years of research that produced six
volumes on cartography and how it has been
practiced around the world through the ages.

Free and open-to-the-public but first come, first
seated, so please
register here.
Saturday, June 15, 2 pm: Members-Only "Show and Tell, followed by an end-of-program
Avenues: The World School, headquarters, 17th Floor Boardroom, 11 East 26th St. (between
Madison and Fifth Avenues), New York City.
We already have five presenters out of a planned ten: Fred Shauger, Miklos Pinther, Jacob
Ford, Lawrence Stelter and Andrew Kapochunas.
If you'd like to present a map, please RSVP to:
If you'd just like to attend, please RSVP to:
Matthew Edney