New York Map Society
Our History
The New York Map Society had its start at the end of 1977, an
idea of Werner Elias, who was a student of travel guides, and an
expert on postal history and old postal routes. He was a frequent
visitor to the New York Public Library's Map Division, where the
curator, Gerald L. Alexander, the assistant curator, Alice Hudson,
and Sy Amkraut, supported the idea of a map society.

An organizational meeting was held
January 7, 1978, at the Map
Division -- attendees: Werner Elias, Gerald Alexander, Alice
Hudson, Sidney Horenstein of the American Museum of Natural
History, Michael Cohen, Howard Welsh, Sy Amkraut, Eugene
Grossman and Abbot Lutz.

By-Laws, consisting of 13 articles, were adopted in Spring 1984.
1987 membership directory listed 51 members.

1988, at the end of the society's first decade, with monthly
meetings continuing on the first Saturday of each month at the
American Museum of Natural History, and with the main branch of
the New York Public Library as its mailing address, the society's
president, Sy Amkraut, authorized Alice Hudson to create a flyer
summarizing ten years of progress:

See our "Hall of Fame" page for more information about Sy
Amkraut and Alice Hudson.
1988 flyer for the New York Map Society