New York Map Society
Past Meetings
October 18, 2014
Michael Blanding talks
about his new book: "The
Map Thief"
November 8, 2014
Dr. Richard A. Pegg talks
about his new book:
“Cartographic Traditions
in East Asian Maps”
December 6, 2014
John W. Hessler and
Daniel De Simone t
about their new book:
"Christopher Columbus --
Book of Privileges"
January 13, 2015
Chet Van Duzer, NYMS
member, discusses a
large-format medieval
water rights map from
March 7, 2015
Members-only "Show
and Tell" map event at a
beautiful, map-filled
Manhattan apartment.
April 11, 2015
Wendy Brawer, Founding
Green Map
System , explores the
most recent NYC Green
Maps, global impacts,
and the new archive at
the  New York Public
Library Map Division.
May 9, 2015
Members-only field trip
to, and tour of, the Bruce
Museum's map
collection, Greenwich, CT
September 15, 2015
Noted author/film-maker/
photographer Michael
Benson speaks about his
new book "Cosmigraphics"
October 14, 2015
Manhattan Field Trip:
private tour of the Grolier
Club and the Argosy Book
[and Map] Store
November 14, 2015
Members-only Boston
Field Trip for private tours
of two map exhibitions at
the Boston Public Library
January 26, 2016
Andrew Kapochunas on
"How Maps and Map
Collecting Helped an
Immigrant find his Place
in the World"
December 19, 2015
Members-only Holiday Social
at O'Lunney's off Times Square,
New York City
February 18, 2016
Members-only Field trip
and private tour of the
Manhattan Borough
President's map
March 12, 2016
Members-only "Show
and Tell" party at a
NY-metro-area map-filled
April 12, 2016
Catching up with the New
York Public Library's Map
Division: New Projects
and Collection Additions
May 3, 2016
Field trip to the Grolier
Club to hear PJ Mode on
"Persuasive Maps"
May 21, 2016
Members-only End-of-
Program-Year field trip and
social: Fraunces Tavern
October 24, 2016
Members-only Field Trip
to the Swiss Ambassador's
residence for a book talk
November 30, 2016
Tim Wallace, NY Times
Cartographer, on news
December 10, 2016
Members-only Field Trip
to the
Brooklyn Historical
, followed by a
social hour
January 18, 2017
Field trip to Daniel
Crouch Rare Books
see 1531 Maggiolo map
January 25, 2017
Miklos Pinther speaks on
the History of the
American Geographical
February 28, 2017
Bobby Shackelton of
speaks on commercial
data visualization
September 20, 2016
John Roman on "The Art
of Illustrated Maps" at the
New York Public Library
March 30, 2017
Laura Ten Eyck of Argosy
and "Antiques
Roadshow" on what to look
for in evaluating a map